Linen Quarter Consultation

Last month, 19 of January, Belfast City Council posted on Twitter that a new consultation for the Linen Quarter carried out by Planit Intelligent Environments was available for consultation.


This consultation was produced in the context of the City Centre Regeneration and Investment Strategy. This scheme aims to provide economical growth and social growth of the city by increasing employment and residential population, maximize tourism attraction and provide a better public space for walkers and cyclists, among other objectives.

The scheme includes other regeneration and improvements in other quarters of the city, like the Western Quarter.


The result of the consultation is a 100 page document filled with everything from building considerations to road design and even suggested pavements.

However, and despite the council’s current direction of improving the cycling network, there is only two mentions of cycling in the entire paper to describe the two Belfast Bikes stations that are already deployed in the quarter (Blackstaff Sq and Linenhall St).

The disregard for cycling is so blatant, that the document even suggests that the connection between the Queen’s University and City Hall should be improved for walking, as its a short distance of 15 minutes. If we think there are new Belfast Bikes stations at Queen’s, why shouldn’t cycling be considered as well? It would reduce the 15 minutes journey to 5 minutes and be much more convenient for those in a tight schedule.

Concluding, different modes of transport require different needs and all should be considered to make the city more liveable and to generate additional social and economical improvements.

Next Posts

In the next publications I will address the current pitfalls of Linen Quarter and the consultation and provide possible solution that will actually improve economic and social growth within the Linen Quarter.

  • Linen Quarter Current Problems (17th February)
  • Linen Quarter Consultation – Problems (21st of February)
  • Linen Quarter Consultation – Shared Space (23rd of February)
  • Linen Quarter Consultation – What is good! (25th of February)
  • Linen Quarter Consultation – New Solutions (1st of March)

Note: the dates above are not deadlines, but guidelines for me to finish the series of posts about Linen Quarter.


Happy Cycling!

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