Linen Quarter Consultation – Final Considerations

The Linen Quarter is at the beginning of a possible great change for the better. As such, there should be big ambitions in tackling the root of the problems within the quarter and provide a nicer place for people to dwell in, day or night in leisure or work related activities.

The issues identified by many people and during the course of the series of articles from the past few weeks related to either the current situation of the quarter or with the provided consultation itself. [1] [2] [3] [4]

  • Car centric quarter
  • Lack of interesting places to dwell / Lack of green spaces
  • Huge amount of on-street parking
  • Through traffic
  • Rat running
  • Shared Space
  • Large part of the road space is dedicated to cars
  • Lack of ambition in the vision for the quarter
  • No space provided to cyclists

The impressions gathered during the discussions, mainly at the public consultation, are that the quarter is to remain an interesting attraction to investment for new private companies, thus remaining mainly an office quarter. This would be complemented with retail at ground floor level and residential at upper floors.

This is a good vision, but it doesn’t mean the quarter needs to be centred so heavily in driving necessities. The solution provided along the series of articles shown multiple solutions that would impact little in the external investment and improve the area socially by becoming a pleasant place to stay.

The proposals below are a quick summary of what has been analysed in the previous articles, which aims to tackle the issues identified as well as increasing the subjective safety of people to opt for cycling.

  • Continuous foot ways
  • One way streets (except Bedford St)
  • Be bolder with green spaces – more space on Linenhall St West and a new one in the patio of Invest NI building
  • Close Amelia St to traffic and move the crossing of the transport hub directly in front of the street
  • Reduce greatly the on street parking space (there are ~50-60 blue badge holders parking in the quarter every day so maybe only have blue badge parking spaces)
  • Reduce road space dedicated to cars
  • Provide protected cycle space to cyclists
  • Increase protected space and subjective safety for pedestrians
  • Increase night activity in focal points of the quarter

All the solutions have been described in detail in the previous articles and I do hope we develop a vision where the Linen Quarter becomes a landmark for future designs and developments.


Happy Cycling!

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