Road Signs – Relevant and helpful…

…Or sometimes confusing and useless?

It is common to see contradictory signage on the road, but is even more often to observe it in the foot ways. Strolling along the river Lagan on the south just before the Lagan Weir bridge I come across a “prohibited to cycle” sign. This sign is not met by another similar from the opposite direction, which means that from this point onwards you can only carry your bicycle by hand. So, I tweeted about this yesterday and I am still waiting for a response.

Forbidden to cycle on a NCN route?

This stretch of pavement seems to be a part of the National Cycle Network (NCN). A bit further ahead, near the Queen Elizabeth II bridge, we can find signs indicating the direction through NCN 99 – Odyssey in one direction and High Street to the other.

So we are describing an issue that prohibits cycling in the NCN 99, correct? According to Sustrans map this stretch is part of the NCN 93. According to the same map the NCN 99 only starts on the junction of the Sydenham Rd and Fraser St.

Finally on the other side of the Queen Elizabeth II bridge, on the NCN 93 (or 99?), additionally  set of signs show incredible incoherence.

In the city centre direction, the smaller sign shows cycling to the left and walking to the right, while the bigger sign shows exactly the opposite.


Adding to this mistake, on the other side of the bigger sign it’s a “Route for cycling only” sign. Does this mean that pedestrians are not allowed to cross the bridge on the side of the sign?

This sign appears just few meters apart from a smaller one that indicates the existence of separated paths for walking and cycling.

Route for cycling or separated paths?

Final Comments

The signs will continue to be completely ignored by all pavement users and police won’t enforce it, so in practice they have no effect at all in the behaviour of the people walking and cycling.

However, is it likely to encounter this kind of contradicting signage in such a short space for driving? I would say that it isn’t and with good reason, as signs are part of the regulation of the road.

If this rarely happens to signs related to driving,

why do we keep to treat walking and cycling so carelessly

even in simple details as signs?


Happy Cycling!



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