Cycling Questions in NI Assembly

Not long ago, I found out the Northern Ireland Assembly has an Open Data service for multiple access to be used and shared for different purposes. Playing around with it, I saw an opportunity to gather and organize all the questions raised over the years about cycling.

This tool allows one to sort by date and to filter by the content of question, answer and to which department the question was asked. Unfortunately, it takes about 15 seconds to load the questions, so to check them you need to be patient.

The tool is right below and it takes to the Codepen website which is a site that allows web developers (and beginners like me) to do rapid prototypes.

NI Assembly – Cycling Questions

Also, the code, as it is, is not production ready to integrate within a website, so I would suggest to use it as a potential guide to develop something more robust.

Finally this project has been a fun ride and the road map for development will include simple statistics, like how long it takes to answer a question on average and by department.

If you have any additional ideas to improve this or other technological ideas for cycling, please let me know in the comments.



Happy Cycling!

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