One reason that makes me absolutely enjoy cycling

Cycling takes you to unbelievable places.

The most astonishing is that I generally arrive there by pure chance.

I tend to plan my routes to avoid places filled with motor vehicles (which sometimes is not possible). This allows me to enjoy my ride with less conflict and more contact with nature and people.

So, where do you find these places? Honestly, they are virtually anywhere. They can be just two roads from where you live.

Have you ever thought of going through the Lagan towpath any Sunday morning? Take a look at the video below and see how appealing it is.

You can notice that it is a glorious July sunny summer day. Yet, the weather is not a deterrent to enjoying brilliant views. Later that month, I took a picture at the top of Starborg Road, during a ride on which I was lucky enough to escape the rain. During the length of that road, only 3 cars passed me. What better way to enjoy cycling?

The road descending into (famous) green hills

The most common hidden gem among Northern Ireland’s rural roads are the tree tunnels. The most famous and touristic attraction is, obviously, the Dark Hedges.

Yet, there are many others spread across the country. One doesn’t even imagine they exist until passes under them. That was the case of the Sealstown Road. I had planned to go through for the challenge of climbing it and was rewarded right at the end with a marvellous tree tunnel.

Top of Sealstown Rd – a tough climb with proper reward

Finally, another option is to climb hills. Many hikers will be well acquainted with the views from Cavehill. It is a perfect location to observe the realm of Greater Belfast and its surrounding hills. The highest hill around Belfast is the Divis Mountain (peak at 478m) and is reachable by bicycle. Views on top are spectacular and to the opposite direction of Belfast you can view the land reach the Lough Neagh.

Belfast view from (almost the) top of Divis hill


There is plenty to be excited about any ride on a bicycle, but one of the reasons that wow me every time is the scenery. Wherever you plan to go there is always a hidden treasure waiting to be discovered, appreciated and photographed.

Find More

Where can you find these pictures on a regular basis? Go out for a cycle, naturally. Or if you can’t, take a look at Instagram. My account has the pictures posted above. However, there are other brilliant accounts with pictures from bicycle rides along Northern Ireland.


So, what drives you to cycle so often? Does the scenery have the same impact on you? Do you know a fantastic cycling Instagram account with good scenery from the country? Share it in the comments.



Happy Cycling!



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